ESP-Plus is Fluid Handling's product selection program covering centrifugal pumps, hydronic specialties, steam specialties, condensate equipment and heat exchangers. This award winning software has become a favorite with design professionals everywhere. Click here to order

ESP-Online, click this button to access a sample version of ESP-Plus online. This is not a full version as it only includes one pump selection. There is an enhanced version of this online program that requires a password.
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System Syzer is a great tool that helps with system design. Use it to calculate friction losses and velocities through pipe, based on your fluid conditions. Includes a properties library for a number of fluids. Pipe pressure drop sizing program:

1.Size pipe up to 48"
2.Calculate friction losses for glycol
3.Calculate flow or Delta T for a given load
4.Utilize Cv relationships

The System Syzer comes with ESP-Plus or you can also request it as a stand alone program.Click here to order

System Syzer Online: Click the button to the left to download the online version of the System Syzer.

Wesselect software is a complete electronic catalog for Wessels expansion tanks. It includes expansion tank sizings for closed heating and chilled water systems, potable water systems (domestic water), and hydropneumatic tanks. Catalogue cut sheets, AutoCAD drawings, and product schedules are included. It also has a unique utility which allows for converting plain steel tanks to pressurized diaphragm or bladder style expansion tanks.
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Dow fluidfile is a fast, easy, and precise heat transfer fluid evaluation program from The DOW Chemical Company. It performs calculations to determine the various properties of water/glycol heat transfer fluids as well as freeze protection.Click here to order

Cemline CD-ROM product selector.

Cemline has available an interactive CD-ROM for sizing selection, technical information, drawings, and specification for our entire product line. Click here to order this CD-ROM.